In August, 2019, two dozen organizations got together to figure out what to do about the many cuts coming to social assistance. With the Transition Child Benefit due to be eliminated November 1st, the definition of disability due to change shortly thereafter, and hundreds of millions in cuts due shortly after that, there was a lot to worry about.

In response, the groups have formed a coalition called the Campaign Against the Cuts to Social Assistance.

We started out by working to raise awareness about the TCB cut. We were just weeks away from the end of a program that serves approximately 32,000 children, and made up as much as 30% of the income of vulnerable families, so we zeroed in on that first. And WON!!!

We are continuing to address the coming cuts and work with recipients, community groups and partners across Ontario to protect critical supports for vulnerable people.

We look forward to working with you to turn around the pending cuts.

Thanks for taking a stand on these important issues.


The former Minister of Children, Community and Social Services announced plans to change the definition of disability. The current ODSP definition supports people who have disabilities that are not permanent or fatal. In contrast, federal definitions can require severe and prolonged mental or physical disability that will last a long time or result in death. If the Ontario government proceeds with this plan it would leave low-income people with episodic disabilities (such as MS, mental health disabilities, rheumatoid arthritis, and hepatitis C) and time-limited disabilities (such as most breast cancers) relying on a program that provides almost 40% less income and more limited health-related supports. This proposed change would push very poor people with disabilities in Ontario into deeper poverty, worse health and more homelessness. Negative outcomes like these will put further pressure on the healthcare system, hallway healthcare, social services and other parts of government, costing more over the longer term. 


Join the network of organizations working to protect social assistance.

We need YOUR voice!!!

Use our online site to email the Premier, the Minister and your local MPP.

Build on our stock letter to seek support from your MPP. 

Post links to the campaign on social media and email this page to people in organizations and in your community. 


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